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Washing Guide For Your Designer Kaftans

Lindsey herself hand washes and steams all her own Lindsey Brown resort wear, without the use of harsh chemicals. Lindsey has shared her washing tips here for you on how to keep your designer resort wear items looking fabulous and new.



When packing your Lindsey Brown garments, wrap in tissue to avoid contact with other items that may snag or pull the fabric when compressed against each other in a suitcase. Or turn inside out to protect the detailing and pack within other plain cotton items. Belts, bra hooks and zips could damage delicate silks when placed directly on top of each other during transit when heavy suitcases are packed on top of each other.

When wearing be careful to avoid direct contact with watches or sharp jewellery that may catch or cause pulls in the fabric, as we cannot be held responsible for snags or catches caused by undue care or attention.

Be aware of wide sleeves take care not to lean over a naked flame. 

When storing, hang or fold as you prefer. We recommend silk designer kaftans such as the silk short kaftans with silk ties on the back to be folded, as they could pull the back ties if hung tied, for long periods of time. Store garments with cords and beads away from children.



Follow our care instructions, to remove salt and suntan lotion that may have built up into the fibres from your holiday. Each item has a wash care label. If you are unsure, send a quick email and we can advise you on the care advice for each product. Baby Wipes are great for removing stains, use gently to wipe off stains, try on the reverse first and wipe do not rub.

You can hand silk wash in 100% Cold water but DO NOT soak silk. Instead, we recommend dipping into 100% cold water, remove excess water and hang dry immediately. If you decide to hand wash your item, only in Cold Water use a non-bio liquid or powder. Dilute the liquid in the water, and gently wash by dipping the garment, do not soak. Rinse gently in cold water and  reshape whilst damp. For best results hang when nearly dry and steam back to shape. 

Do not use Stain removers, as they may remove colour from the garment or from the embellishments.

When hand washing cotton, as with all dark dyed and hand dyed fabrics, some colour may wash out which is more apparent when hand washing. Rinse in cold water by hand to avoid colour run. Please note colour will only run if you have used hot water and biological powders which may contain a stain removing agent, which could contain a bleaching agent.



Invest in a home hand steamer, as this is much easier than ironing and more effective as a garment steamer can be used directly onto any delicate fabrics, beads, sequins and silks and will not cause any damage. Steaming will remove all creases in seconds. These are great to take on holiday also, I never travels without mine.

Press with a clean steam iron instead of dry cleaning. Iron using a low setting only, for delicate silks and iron whilst damp. Test before on the inside first to check the temperature . Always avoid ironing beads, sequins and threads.

If you wish to dry clean your garments, please check with the dry cleaner, that they are not putting your item into a generic dry cleaning machine as this will be too hot and can damage the garment, as we recommend  zero heat on our beading or sequins.  Many dry cleaners use a harsh solvent called perchloroethylene or perc which is too harsh for most fabrics, including the delicate silks of the Lindsey Brown collection. We advise you to check with your dry cleaner if they use Hydrocarbon instead, which is still a solvent but not as harsh as perc and can be used on our silk and cotton fabrics. We still prefer and suggest Not to Dry clean and simply STEAM to clean.

Green Dry Cleaning, is the best dry cleaning method a new environmentally friendly method which cleans and freshens a garment and replaces the need for harsh chemicals. Google Green Dry Cleaners in your area. If you choose to dry clean, your dry cleaner follows symbol F within a circle. You can also visit GreenEarth for a directory of local cleaners. 

We still prefer and suggest that you do not dry clean and simply Steam to clean..



We often design our hemlines and sleeve lengths without embellishment so you can alter easily to your desired length. Please use a reputable service, or get in touch and we can alter your item for you, at a minimal charge by our in house skilled tailor. 

A copy our our product care is enclosed with each Lindsey Brown order but if you are unsure how to care for your item, then please send our personal shoppers a quick email or call and we can advise you on the care for a specific  product If you can find your item on the website, search by style name, we also have added wash care links to click on. 

Please call on (+44) 01162414627 or email us at orders@lindseybrown.com