About Lindsey Brown the designer 

British design director Lindsey Brown is the inspirational talent behind the Lindsey Brown luxury resort wear brand. Inspired by her own wanderlust for travel and time working overseas, the Lindsey Brown brand is designed to take you on a journey, an escape to all year round stylish resort wear dressing. As a child, her mother a talented embroider taught her to sew and her grandfather was a very skilled leather worker who encouraged her creative talent and to explore new mediums. At school her passion for textiles developed, in sewing class Lindsey taught herself how to adapt clothing patterns and create new outfits and how to print her own fabrics. Lindsey set up her first business at the age of sixteen designing, printing and selling t-shirts to stores. She went on to study printed textiles and fashion design at university and furthered her design training with a Master Degree in Design and Manufacture receiving a First Class Distinction Masters Degree, specialising in contour design and created a unique bra fitting concept through her knowledges of design and fit. 

Her Design Background

Lindsey Brown worked as a swimwear designer in Barcelona where her love for summery vacation styling began. Realising there was a gap in the British market for great quality silk and luxury resort wear, Lindsey returned to her design roots and created her first collection which included her renowned signature style, the silk Manhattan kaftans. Her luxury resort wear collection is the perfect mix of dreamy silk beach dresses and timeless cotton styles to wear day or night. Through her background in fashion and textiles and commercial expertise in the swimwear industry Lindsey is very knowledgeable in the beading and dying processes which are used to create each collection, so every print and every designer kaftan is totally unique to the Lindsey Brown luxury resort wear brand.


"Designing fabulous resort wear is my dream and helping ladies choose the best dress or designer cover up for their holiday is my passion. By adding my name to the brand I wanted to convey that I design every aspect of the collection, from the initial patterns to the threads, the type of silk fabric we use and even the size of the beads, I choose it all. Our Lindsey Brown silk dresses  can take six days to make from start to finish, as I prefer to hand dye fabrics, layering and blending colours. Our finishing touches such as the beaded necklines are all hand sewn. We stretch fabric onto embroidery frames, ensuring a fabulous long lasting hand sewn quality to our beautiful pieces." Author Lindsey Brown