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Lindsey Brown Resort wear Sustainability


Designer Lindsey Brown endeavours to create sustainable, timeless, long lasting styles, to stay in your wardrobe for many seasons.

NOT MASS PRODUCED | As a sustainable fashion brand, we only produce garments, to order, meaning we do not mass produce. We take orders from our sample collections in advance and only produce products for our stockists and for we also produce collections for our own website.

UPCYCLING | Whenever possible, Lindsey and her team creatively upcycle any non selling styles into New garments. We constantly monitor sales and instead of putting a small run into production, if have a selection of items that aren’t selling, we alter these into better selling styles. We are conscious of our carbon footprint, so all these alterations are made locally, by a cottage industry of skilled tailors and seamstresses who work from home.

GIVING BACK |  Since 2017, we have donated spare and unused fabric rolls to Somerset Arts College, where our designer Lindsey Brown studied for her first fashion degree in printed textile design. Our donations enable the students to produce their collections garments without having to invest in buying fabric themselves.

RECYCLING CLOTHING | We have donated clothing to many charities over the years. This year, our chosen charity is Your Smalls Campaign, a Leicester based charity who work directly with schools in Africa, providing clothing, underwear and sanitary products to young girls and women in Africa. As we produce plain cotton samples when checking how garments fit before they go into production, we donate these cotton tops and cotton dresses to the Your Smalls campaign charity, as the cool cotton is an ideal fabric for the women they support, to wear in hot countries. We also collect and donate underwear and hygiene products for women and young girls. 

GREEN POLICY & GREEN DRY CLEANING | As part of our green policy, we suggest to all our stockists and customers to use a garment steamer to refresh and clean their Lindsey Brown garments rather than conventional chemical based dry cleaning, which can often use harsh solvents. Steam cleaning or 'Green Dry Cleaning' not only cleans without the use of harsh solvent, it does nt create a Chemical footprint. You can read more about our Recycling and Lindsey Brown resort wear Green Policies by clicking here.

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