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Lindsey Brown Resort wear Green Policy


As a fashion brand, we are consciously aware of what we throw away will be managed for generations. With this in mind, we have ensured that every member of our office team has taken part in creating and implementing our Green Policy that we all can follow.

REDUCING WASTE | All single use plastic that arrives into our office is recycled, including soft plastic garment bags. Our garments are packed for cleanliness in plastic and we aim to change our garment packaging to compostable plastic by end of 2020. All cardboard is reused or recycled. We encourage customers to re-use their order packaging. We also re use returned boxes internally to send samples and items to our factories. You can read more about our Sustainability Policy here.

DONATE | Instead of going to landfill, Against Breast Cancer is our chosen charity for 2020 for recycling our used printer cartridges. Postage stamps are also recycled and charities receive on average of £20 per kilo of recycled stamps. Our chosen charity for stamp recycling for 2020 is RNIB the Royal National Institute of Blind People

REDUCE & RE USE | Our aim is to recycle 100% of all the paper used in our office. Non - confidential documents are recycled in-house, so where possible, the printing paper is used twice. Confidential documents names and addresses have to be shredded and the paper waste is recycled.

FABRIC WASTE | Alteration off cuts and fabric scraps are given away to our chosen local Leicester Hospice Charity Loros, to be sold or recycled into new fabric.  We also donate samples and garments to charity,read more about our donations to charity here on our Sustainability Policy.

CARBON FOOTPRINT | Communicating with our customers is important. By providing tracking numbers and having a direct conversations with our customers by email or text, we are able to ask customers if they are going to be home to receive a delivery, which in turn reduces unnecessary fuel consumption for re-delivery and helps to reduce our carbon foot print.

GREEN DRY CLEANING | As part of our green policy, we suggest to all our stockists and customers to use a garment steamer to refresh and 'Green Dry Clean' their Lindsey Brown garments rather than conventional chemical based dry cleaning which uses harsh solvents.