S P O T T E D 

Melanie Sykes Presenter and Model wearing our Silk Lavender Dip Dye Rumba Kaftan top.

For those asking on twitter and Instagram the Lavender hand painted kaftan top Melanie Sykes wore on her 'Cheeky Stop Over' in Florida and Miami is from the Lindsey Brown collection of designer kaftans and resort wear. All our designs are lovingly hand made and can be bought from our store online or in boutiques across the UK and Worldwide.

Melanie Sykes wears Purple Top on holiday in Florida. Where can i buy the Purple top seen on Melanie Sykes.

H O W   W E  M A K E   A   R U M B A  T O P 

Each Rumba Silk top uses 3 metres of  Pink Silk Georgette Fabric. The design is cut on the bias to create a floaty slimming top. Before the fabric is sewn we place the fabric onto a frame to sew the beading by hand on the sleeves and neckline which means each piece can take 4 - 6 hours. Hand beading is one of the elements that distinguishes our collections from other resort wear and makes Lindsey Brown kaftans 'designer kaftans'. The white  on the neckline and sleeves, creates a stunning effortless silhouette from every angle.  

W H E R E  T O  W E A R  I T  |  G E T  T H E   L O O K

We were delighted to see a lovely photo , posted by Melanie Sykes on her Social Media accounts this morning wearing our Lavender Dip Dye Rumba Silk Kaftan Top whilst on holiday travelling back from Caribbean Islands. Melanie Sykes is a fan of our Lindsey Brown kaftan tops and beachwear cover-ups and chooses to wear our Silk Kaftans on her Hot Luxury Holidays. Florida and Miami is a very humid sticky heat and Melanie oozes cool glamour in our soft lighter than air silk georgette, proving Lindsey Brown is a great quality silk to wear in hot humidity.

Shop Silk Designer Kaftans as seen on Melanie Sykes. Wear can i find the Silk Kaftan top seen on Melanie Sykes. Shop Designer Kaftans UK.

Wear in the daytime over a bikini or designer swimsuit for a glam dressed to effortless perfection with white accessories. Save for Beach to bar and wear in the evening with slim fitting tailored shorts or white skinny jeans.   S H O P  R U M B A 

Lindsey Brown