When choosing your holiday dresses for your luxury holiday it is important to pick the correct fabric. Choosing natural fibres is a must and is so important as they will help to keep you cool in the hot climates.

Natural fibres include Cotton such as our pretty Portia or Khloe dress and Silk for example stunning Mustique holiday dress; both of these fabrics allow the skin and the body to breath and allows air circulation through the body. Silk adjusts to your body temperature which will stop you from overheating in the hot climates, silk also does not cling to your skin when you are hot and will stay light and airy while you wear it. Cotton absorbs moisture which will then prevent you from feeling hot and sweaty and prevent the fabric to stick to the body. The cooling benefits of these fabrics also mean they do not crease while you wear them, which is a bonus while you are on holiday.

Why you should be wearing only natural fabrics this summer by LindseyBrown

Fabrics such a polyester are not suitable for hot climates as they are not breathable and will not let the sweat evaporate from the skin, the clothing would feel very hot and sticky throughout the day which would then cause the fabrics to crease very quickly.

The natural fabrics that are chosen by Lindsey Brown are very high quality; therefore do not only help to keep you cool they are also very long lasting.


Kim Warren