During your luxury cruise you will be stopping off at different locations for day trips. It can be tricky to know what to wear during these days as you probably don't want to be carrying extra clothes around if you are unsure what activities you will be doing. Ideally you will need an outfit that will take you from relaxing on the beach right through to evening drinks. Here at Lindsey Brown luxury resort wear, we believe that cool cotton beach dresses are a fabulous choice when packing for your luxury cruise, cotton is a light breathable fabric, this will keep you cool and comfortable which is important when are walking around exploring local sights and towns during your day trip. Our soft cotton beach dresses and bardot off the shoulder tops make a perfect cruise daytime wardrobe.

Our paris designer maxi midi dress is perfect for a day at the beach as it is so cool to wear and so easy to slip on and off when wanted to take a dip in the sea. This is also great as it can be worn when wandering around towns so there is no need to take extra beach clothes. Paris is so easy and comfortable to wear and light to pack for a cruise holiday. The neckline has a pretty metallic cord trimmed with tassels, this can be adjusted which allows many heights to wear this dress. Paris is easy to wear over any swimwear, so whilst exploring if you come across a hidden cove, you will be beach ready. The drop waist on this midi maxi dress is supper flattering for the hips and legs. Wear with the matching adjustable belt that loops over creating a different silhouette by defining the waist or leave loose and floaty. This cotton dress can also be dressed up for an evening on the ship, it’s just so chic. Paris comes in a classic black or white, available in sizes xsmall UK 8 to a 2xlarge UK 18.

Designer holiday dresses by Lindsey Brown resort wear

Our cotton holiday shorts called sicily are a must have piece when travelling around during your luxury cruise. These are so versatile and easy to wear. Wear with the positano designer bardot top when stopping off to explore a new destination. Positano is super stylish and so comfortable to wear whilst out and about. The three-quarter length sleeves will help protect your skin from the sun. The soft cotton fabric is exquisitely decorated across the shoulders and cuffs with metallic thread and gold flat sequins. When teamed with our beautiful soft cotton shorts they make a charming coordinating daytime outfit. During the day wear the sleeves pushed up, for the evening wear the sleeves long showing off the pretty gold detail on the cuffs. A fabulous cool cotton top that looks effortlessly elegant taking you from day right through to night. The Lindsey Brown range of off the shoulder tops are perfect for any cruise. Positano is in a timeless black or white, sizes xsmall UK 8 up to a 3xlarge UK 20.