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Coronavirus Health and Safety Parcel policy

JANUARY 2021 | Business as usual.

ORDER HANDLING | All of our garments are new & already individually packed in sealed plastic bags in our stock-room so there is no need for us to touch any of the garments. When packing orders our team are following all Public Health England hygiene guidelines. We wear gloves when unpacking  any items that are returned to us. We steam clean and hang for 48 hours, before being repackaged. 

DELIVERY UPDATES | When your delivery arrives the postal delivery driver will place the item on your door-step, knock and then step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. Please visit our delivery page for the latest update on their services and ours. 

OUR COMMITMENT | The ethos behind the Lindsey Brown resort wear brand has always been to work with small skilled artisan producers and to not mass produce and we continue to support our small manufacturing in India and Morocco. We will be continuing to sell online and our fabulous customer service team are at the end of the phone or available 24/7 via email for our shoppers and stockists alike 💛

Love Lindsey & the Lindsey Brown team 

If you would like help choosing your size or style, or would like to discuss the delivery options, please contact our style team on +44(0)116 2414627 or email