Tie Dye Designer Kaftans

Lindsey Brown has created the most beautiful bright pastel tie dye silk Designer Kaftans. Tie dye is the name given to fabric that is dyed using layers of colours to create patterns. When we think of tie dye beachwear, we tend to think of bright colours and circles where dye has created circular patterns, the tie dye techniques we use at Lindsey Brown resort wear, truly are an art form.

Our Rumba Silk designer kaftans are hand painted, we layer dye onto 10 metres of fabric at a time and when the colours have created their beautiful patterns, the hem of the Rumba Silk designer kaftans, are then dip dyed by hand. The whole process of our traditional Indian technique can take days to make. Typically tie dye involves twisting dry fabric and layering dyes to create bold patterns and the level of intensity of the dye depends on how the fabric is folded. 

Silk Tie Dye Designer Kaftans by Lindsey Brown

Designer collections from Paris to Milan were filled with tie dye during the summer of 2020, and home tie dye became a fun hobby over the summer of 2020, However, the origin of tie dye designer kaftans dates back centuries and we have been creating beautiful Silk Tie Dye Designer kaftans since our very first Lindsey Brown collection. 

American Vogue and Slim Aarons photoshoots were filled with vibrant designer kaftans of the 1960’s and decades beyond but the first tie dye techniques have been practised in India since the early 6th centuries. Historians have found fabric dyed with berries, roots and plants and the trend to use natural dyes when making tie dye designer kaftans has come full circle into 2021.

Nature, crystal formations and the colourful ocean floor of the Caribbean and Indian Ocean are the inspiration behind the Lindsey Brown collections of pretty designer kaftans. To achieve such natural flowing tie dye patterns is the work of skilled ateliers in India, passing down these techniques through the generations. We feel passionate about providing quality garments and fabulous designer kaftans, knowing that each garment tells a story. We hope you can see the inspiration behind our beautiful silk designer kaftans and by wearing and our beautiful designer kaftans, you appreciate the skilled artisan tie dye designer kaftans as work of art.

Designer Kaftans to wear In Dubai by Lindsey Brown

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