Trending Flattering One Shoulder Holiday Dresses

The One shoulder styles are so flattering and this season, big catwalk trend for 2019. The one shoulder maxi is the holiday dress to wear. It’s the ultimate must have for your winter sun wardrobe to show off those shimmering shoulders.

Designer LindseyBrown has created two stunning holiday dresses, the One shoulder Portia Black cotton Maxi dress and the Mustique coral and pink maxi dress that can take you from a brunch in Barbados to a wedding reception in Santorini. Both are beautifully cut so the fit is wonderful, made from two different breathable fabrics in cotton and silk.

If the one shoulder style is a little risqué for you, designer LindseyBrown has created these clever dresses to be worn in 5 different ways, so the occasions when you can wear this holiday dress are endless.

How to wear our One Shoulder Maxi Dresses

Style 1) Both shoulders covering the upper arm

Style 2) Bardot style, off the shoulder creating a strapless look covering the upper arms.

Style 3 ) One Shoulder which is the most flattering style as it elongates the body. You'll tend to choose one shoulder over the other depending on how you choose to wear your hair, up, down or a side bun maybe

Style 4 ) Strapless, wearing the frill under the arms, creating a strapless frilled dress style.

Style 5 ) Belted or loose. Add a belt to cinch in your waist

Mustique One Shoulder Holiday Dress in Pink by LindseyBrown


The Mustique holiday dress is made from 100% Silk, hand painted in Coral, Pink and Honey tones with an artisan hand tie dyed technique over the top. Pretty light weight gold beads and sequins decorate the frilled shoulder and neckline.

The loose belt is also decorated with hand sewn sequins and beads, which catches the sun’s rays. The belt can also be worn as a headscarf which really completes the look.

Mustique One Shoulder Holiday Dress in Pink by LindseyBrown

Another great holiday dress is the Portia Maxi dress in cool crinkle cotton, Portia is the type of holiday dress that you can wear in the daytime to a wedding in Greece or Majorca and feel dressed to perfection from day to night.  You can imagine wearing this stunning holiday dress abroad, as the fabulous quality crinkle cotton would keep you cool in hot climates.

One Shoulder Back Maxi dress for a Wedding Abroad by Designer LindseyBrown