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Our luxury resort wear brand is the perfect mix of daytime designer silk kaftans, beautiful beach coverups, dreamy silk floaty holiday dresses to wear day or night, that you will pack on every holiday. Our luxury resort wear is available all year for our customers around the globe. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, to help create an easy shopping experience.


You don't need to create an account to order, but having an account with Lindsey Brown Resort wear keeps all your orders in one place and makes it easier to find sizes and designer kaftan styles you have ordered.

No problem, enter the email address you used and request a password reset.

If you don't receive a password reset, check incase the request has gone into your spam folder.

Still having trouble contact our customer service team by email orders@lindseybrown.com or fill out the contact form here.

Yes of course, you can send a message to the personal shopping team on Whatsapp asking us to call you back or Call within daytime hours on our office landline or mobile.


WHATSAPP MESSAGE 24/7 +44 (0)7501 959141 

SMS TEXT MESSAGE  +44 (0)7501 959141 

PHONE UK MONDAY to FRIDAY  PLEASE CALL +44 (0)116 2414627 

Yes of course, if you are buying a beautiful designer kaftan as a gift, we also offer an extra special service of free gift wrapping. Simply write gift wrapping please in the special instructions at checkout.

If you would like us to send the gift straight to your loved one then we will also be happy to hand write the gift tag for you, just write your message in the special instructions box at checkout and we'll take care of the rest. 

If you forget to send the mesage you would like us to write, please email, call or whatsapp before 10am the next following day.

Personal Shopping team  orders@lindseybrown.com

WhatsApp message 24/7 +44 (0)7501 959141 

SMS text message  +44 (0)7501 959141 

Phone UK Monday to Friday please call +44 (0)116 2414627 

If you have paid for a next day service the courier will need to hand over the parcel to a person. However you can log into the courier email and request to leave in a safe place.

The majority of our parcels won't fit through the letterbox. If you wont be home to receive your parcel, please add your secure safe place at the checkout.

* orders left in a secure place is at your home, is at your own risk.


Yes of course, all Lindsey Brown luxury resort wear items that have not been worn can be returned for a full refund.

* Please send items back complete with tags*

UK customers please return your order to be received 14 days form ordering. Internatonal shoppers have 21 days.

If you have any questions you can read about our Refund Policy here.

Please contact our personal shoppers who are more than happy to help you with an exchange whether you need a different size designer beach dress or need to return a designer kaftan gift, they are here to help you.

If you are going on holiday imminently it may be easier for you to purchase a new item and we refund you for your unwanted size as soon as we receive your return.

We are sorry we are not able to hold SALE items for exchanges as these usually are very low in stock so we suggest you purchase a new item in the colour or new size you require. As soon as your unwanted items is returned to us, a refund will be processed.

Refunds are usually processed within 1-2 working days. You will receive a refund email notification from Lindsey Brown resort wear advising we have received and processed your refund.

Items received back at our office on a Saturday will be processed on Monday by our Monday to Friday team.


Yes we do offer an alternation service to alter hem lengths, sleeve lengths and neckline if needed.

Our designer Lindsey Brown deliberately leaves the maxi hemlines and long sleeves free from embelishment, so they can easily be altered to your desired length.

You can call to speak to one of the team to discuss your alteration and how to go about it.

Yes there is a minimal charge by our skilled tailor. 

Approx £10.00 per hemline

The cost is for the alterations and post back to you.

We also refresh and steam clean your Lindsey Brown garment and return it to you as if it was new.

No, we strongly suggest you Do Not wash any silk or embelished cotton designer kaftans in a machine . Please do not spin any items in a machine to remove water.

When hand washing cotton, as with all dark dyed and hand dyed fabrics, some colour may wash out which is more apparent when hand washing. Rinse in cold water by hand to avoid colour run.

Please note colour will only run if you have used hot water and biological powders which may contain a stain removing agent, The stain remover could contain a bleaching agent and cause colour run.

You still may be able to save your kaftan if you immerse it in cold water and soak thoroughly.

When wet, transfer your designer kaftans or beach dress to the shower or bath, and gently remove some of the water.

Hang the garment on a clear plastic hanger. Avoid using a felt, coloured or wooden stained hanger incase the colour from the hanger transfers to the garment. If in doubt, add a clean plain white towel over the hanger.

Hang to drip dry. When damp, reshape the shoulders and neckline. to hang correctly.

Whilst damp and not dripping Iron using a steam iron and pull the garment back to shape. Starting from the neck work your way down the garment. Steam iron the neckline, collar and both sleeves and then the body of the garment.

Do not iron very hot, steam is the key here to helpt re shape the garment.

Always test your clean iron before ironing the garment.

*Test the temperature is not too hot and test its clean.

Hang once more to dry and repeat the ironing process whilst the garment is still damp.

Silk will shrink if washed in a machine or saoked hot. Cotton will appear to shrink if washed by hand over 50*

Cotton will shrink if washed in a washing machine and a spin cycle in the machine.

You can dip into cold water but do not soak. We suggest a dip in and out into 100% cold water, remove excess water and hang dry immediately.

Dilute a non bio liquid into the cold water, and gently wash by dipping the garment in quikcly and do not soak.

Do not be tempted to soak.

Rinse very quickly in clean cold water dip in and out. Reshape whilst damp. For best results hang when nearly dry and steam back to shape. 

Steaming with a hand steamer or a steam iron is the best way to refresh and care for silk instead of washing. See our full care guide here.

Most hot water taps at home will be above 50 Celcius or 130 degrees Fahrenheit which is why we suggest a cold water wash.

A quick way to guess the Hot Water temperature when hand washing is fill the sink or bowl to half way and add your non bio liqid.

Then Immerse your hands into the water. If you cant keep you hands in the water its HOT at 50 Celsius or 130 degrees or more.

This is far too hot to wash any Lindsey Brown resort wear garment. We suggest a cold water wash. Hand washing hot will cause as much damage as washing in a amchine so best avoided.


Hot water is generally up to 50 Celsius or 130 degrees Fahrenheit or above

Warm water is generally up to 40 Celcius or 110 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Cold water is generally up to 25 Celcius or from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Garment lengths are detailed on each product page. If you have a query on a specific waist or bust measurement, please send a quick email or message and we will be happy to help you.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office team of personal shoppers


WHATSAPP MESSAGE 24/7 +44 (0)7501 959141 

SMS TEXT MESSAGE  +44 (0)7501 959141 

PHONE UK MONDAY to FRIDAY  PLEASE CALL +44 (0)116 2414627 

Our Lindsey Brown floaty designer kaftans and beach coverups are true to size. We suggest you stick to your usual clothing size when shopping.

As well as our extensive size range we also offer One Size garments. You can view our luxury resort wear size guides

Our Size range is XS-7XL. You can see our Lindsey Brown luxury resort wear size guide here to convert to international sizes.

For example

XSMALL is UK 8 and a USA 4 AU 8 EU36

MEDIUM is a UK 12 USA 8 AU 12 EU40

XLARGE is a UK16 USA12 AUS16 EU44

We also have some one size garments and we have added a size guide of sizes they will fit.

If you are ever unsure about your size, please contact our personal shopping team. You can always order and contact us to check if it's the correct size and we can personally amend your order to the correct size before its shipped.

Our Lindsey Brown resort wear team are happy to help.