Designer silk kaftans for the Maldives by Lindsey Brown resort wear

Designer resort wear for the Maldives

Lindsey Brown designer  resort wear for the Maldives  pieces are exclusive works or art as each takes six days to make from start to finish. First, the fabric is graduated dip...
October 21, 2022 — Julia Fenton Hodes
Miami silk designer kaftans in baby pink by Lindsey Brown resort wear are perfect for every  holiday to wear over swimwear by luxury resort wear brand Lindsey Brown

New Silk Designer Kaftans

Miami is the new style Designer Silk Kaftan created by Lindsey Brown. This was inspired by the signature Manhattan designer silk Top. Miami has a longer skirt length for more...
June 11, 2020 — Julia Fenton Hodes
Blue Silk Desigener Kaftan top by Lindsey Brown Resort wear

New Blue Silk Tie Dye Kaftan Tops

Capri is a new DesignerSilk Kaftan inspired by our signature Manhattan silk tops. It is the perfect kaftan top to take on a winter’s holiday cruise to the tropics. It will help...
December 07, 2019 — Julia Fenton Hodes