Designer beach dresses by Lindsey Brown resort wear

Cool Cotton Dresses to wear in a heatwave

Wear Lindsey Brown resort wear silk and cotton natural fibres to stay cool and comfortable in a heatwave. Lindsey has chosen three designer sale dresses that are light, floaty, and...
November 02, 2022 — Julia Fenton Hodes
luxfix lindsey brown resort wear designer kaftans on luxfix

Lindsey Brown Resort Wear on Lux Fix

If you were a fan of Lindsey Brown resort wear on Lux Fix you can now buy your resort wear online at for the perfect mix of timeless cotton designer...
October 13, 2022 — Julia Fenton Hodes
History of the Kaftan by Lindsey brown

A History of the Silk Kaftan

Famed for its flattering and versatile styling, the kaftan is steeped in history. First being worn in Persia, by both men and women, as early as 600BC. These early versions...
September 22, 2022 — Lindsey Brown