Santorini Silk Maxi Dresses floaty silk maxi dresses to wear on holiday in Santorini and beyond, the iconic hand tie dye silk georgette dresses by Lindsey Brown
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Santorini Silk Dresses

Floaty silk maxi dresses to wear on holiday in Santorini and beyond. Our iconic hand tie dye silk georgette dresses, will become a favourite dress in your holiday wardrobe to wear time and time again.

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When it comes to dressing for a vacation in Santorini, our floaty silk dresses named Santorini are a must have in your holiday wardrobe. But why exactly should you opt for these elegant and lightweight pieces during your trip to this picturesque Greek island? Let's explore some frequently asked questions about wearing floaty silk dresses in Santorini, answered by our designer Lindsey Brown

1. Why choose a silk maxi dress to wear in Santorini ?

Silk is a luxurious and breathable fabric that is perfect for the warm climate of Santorini. Its lightweight and airy nature will keep you cool and comfortable as you explore the island's charming streets and breath taking views as you wander around the cobbled streets daytime and by night.


2. How does a floaty silk dress enhance my Santorini experience ?

We have all seen the sunsets and busy cobbled streets, a maxi dress is the perfect length for a holiday in Santorini as you will want to wear flat shoes or sandals when exploring the beautiful island. Our floaty silk dress not only adds a touch of elegance to your vacation wardrobe but also captures the essence of Santorini's romantic and laid-back atmosphere. The flowy silhouette of the dress complements the island's stunning sunsets and picturesque landscapes as our style is elegant and timeless.


3. What are the benefits of wearing silk in Santorini ?

Wearing a floaty silk dress in Santorini allows you to move freely and effortlessly, whether you are exploring the island’s charming villages or relaxing by the clear crystal waters. Silk is also known for it’s cooling magical properties, making it a luxurious but practical choice when staying cool in the Mediterranean heat. Our silk dresses have a lining to the first tier for modesty.


4. How to style a floaty silk dress in Santorini ?

Pair your floaty silk dress with comfortable sandals, a wide-brimmed hat, and a straw bag for a chic daytime for the warm summer months of June July and August. For evening we suggest changing your clutch bag and accessories for metallic tones So, if you are planning a trip to Santorini, don't forget to pack our silk floaty Santorini maxi silk dresses to elevate your vacation style and make the most of your time in this enchanting destination.


5. What Turquoise silk tie dye dresses did they wear in the Mamma Mia movies ?

Wearing a floaty silk dress in Santorini is not just about fashion, it is about embracing the island itself and we all have those Mamma Mia movie vibes, wishing we could all escape to a beautiful Greek island. The soft flowing silhouette of the Santorini dress mirrors the gentle waves of the Aegean sea, while the luxurious fabric is light to wear. Did you see Lindsey’s dresses being worn on the finale of the UK TV Show Mamma Mia I have a dream. We were delighted to see our resort wear being worn on the finales of the TV show, searching for stars for the UK West End theatre show Mamma Mia.


6. What Colours are the Santorini dress made in ?

Our iconic shades of yellow and turquoise remain in our collection, as these two shades suit cool and warm skin tones. The yellow silk maxi dress has a hand tie dye of yellow and lime on a white base. The turquoise blue has a hand tie dye of blue shades over a white base. The yellow Santorini maxi dress was the first dress in our resort wear collection and has been packed on many holidays from Santorini to Barbados.


7. Can I wear silk maxi dresses to a summer wedding abroad ?

Yes, you can wear your Santorini silk maxi dress to so many events not just on holiday. The neckline can be adjusted and is designed to be won both ways. For a daytime formal event you can style with the ties at the back for more coverage. The silk ties with matching pretty silk tassels hang on the back. The shoulder straps are adjustable allowing all heights to wear this dress. Our hand tie dye billowing silk Santorini dresses are the ultimate designer maxi dress of the season to wear to a special event or your go-to summer holiday maxi dress. You can browse our collection of dresses to wear on holiday here. 


8. Are the dresses all one length ? 

Yes our dresses are one length, the adjustable straps allows many heights to wear this beautiful dress.  We can alter the hemlines for you for a small fee, our skilled tailors alter many items. You can use the online chat option or call us with a query regarding lengths and fit of our silk dresses.