How to Pay with USD American Currency

Posted: Jul 23 2019

How to Pay with USD American Currency

At the moment our website is in GBP only but you can pay using any American debit card, credit card or Paypal if you prefer. At the moment, the USD$ is stronger than the GBP£  so its your advantage to buy from our website. So for instance if you are wanting to buy the St Barts Dress, selling for  £115 it’s approximately $142 USD.

Shipping is free to America and we use DHL which enables us to provide an express shipping service.

Example of our Prices and the Exchange rate today £1.00 GBP equals  $1.24 USD

Manhattan Top is £225.00 GBP so in USD  at todays rate it is $279.00

St Barts Dress is £115 in GBP so in USD at todays  rate it is $142.00

Our customer service is great ! If you prefer to chat before you buy, please send an email with your phone number to and we will get back to you. One of our team will be allocated as your personal shopper ongoing. Click here to read our reviews from happy shoppers

Chat via WhatsApp messages or WhatsApp Call with any of your questions.

Our website is secure and payment is encrypted. We do not see any card details, only the information you add to ship your order. Always look for the padlock sign at the top of your browser when shopping, which is a sign of a safe website.

Happy Shopping !