Lindsey Brown Guide to Sunkissed Skin

Posted: Oct 06 2018

Whether you are heading to a luxury resort in The Maldives or planning a beach vacation, achieving the perfect sun kissed look is easier than you think and its starts in advance with a healthy skincare and body regime.

Designer Lindsey Brown gives you insights into her beauty regime, to smooth, sun-kissed  skin, so that you feel confident by the pool in your bikini or silk kaftan.


The first step to smooth skin is to start a good exfoliating regime. There are all kinds of great exfoliator on the market, from salt based scrubs to products using fruits and coffee extracts and sugar. Keep yours in the shower for a light daily scrub, and it will soon become part of your daily routine. Your skin will thank you for it, and quickly become bump free.

My favourite pre holiday regime is Clinique sparkle skin . It’s a lovely pot of heaven.This is a heavier thicker exfoliator  so if out are new to exfoliating, try a lighter exfoliator and always add  to wet skin in the bath or shower. £25.00 for a large pot 250ml.

On the odd occasion I have run out of scrub, I make my own, lightly grind Himalayan salt, sugar and mix to a paste with Olive Oil. It’s a wonderful natural scrub and you will have all the ingredients in your store cupboard at home.  You can create various scrubs, such as simply by adding mint from the garden to refresh the skin and it smells just divine. 

salt srcubs and exfoliator before a long haul holiday by Lindsey Brown


Adding Himalayan bath salts to your bath is a sure way to relax but I add these to my beauty regime on a weekly basis a month before any long haul trips to help reduce water retention from flights and energise the body.  My favourite is a Natural Pink Himalayan Salt from Crystal Harmony UK , £6.99 for a large bag. 

Not only will you have  given your skin a deep cleanse, you will have a wonderful deep nights sleep as the Himalayan salts provide a detox so always read the advice on quantity of salts to add to your bath. 


While most of us apply both a facial day and night cream our bodies are often sadly neglected for most of the year. Invest in a daily body cream – it doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art, a good old-fashioned cocoa butter will do the job. Just make sure that you routinely apply after a shower, and you will find that this prevents both patchy fake-tan and peeling skin in the sun.  If you are planning on applying fake-tan after your moisturiser, choose a light, oil-free lotion.

Preparing for a Beach Holiday by Lindsey Brown


With such a lot of fake-tanning products on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. We all have the tried-once-left-us-orange self-tanner at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Here at Lindsey Brown Resortwear, our current favourite is the Make Believe Self Tan Mousse with Bronzer & Argan Oil.  


Even I you are faking it,  I always wear sunscreen and discovered in my teens that if you apply your suntan lotion in the shade , or inside in a cool temperature the suntan lotion will be absorbed into the skin rather than evaporating on the surface in heat or when sweating, which is why you may burn. It also helps to prevent suntan lotion leaking onto your lovely silk garments or beachwear. 

Holiday Beauty Regime by LindseyBrown Luxury Resortwear

Melanie Sykes, on set  with her Lindsey Brown Manhattan Top shown here in the background | Photo Credit Melanie Sykes 


Feeling dressed for the occasion whether it’s a beach holiday or a luxury cruise, makes you feel better in such situations  and I believe that’s all down to planning. As I travels a great deal, I don’t have a fixed summer or winter wardrobe I have a Barbados wardrobe, a Marrakech wardrobe and a Marbella wardrobe! Not in the physical sense but I plan outfits, I make lists in my phone and take photos of accessories for each climate and occasion. 

I always say to people that you don’t have to lose your sense of style simply because are going on holiday. If packing is daunting, lay out on your bed the one top you love to wear, the dress that you feel good in, the jumpsuit, the kaftan and the silk kaftan top. Add in accessories and shoes and you have created several outfits already. Make those lists, plan those outfits and book  those beauty appointments. Have a great trip , love Lindsey x