The Lindsey Brown Guides: 5 Steps to Sunkissed Skin

Posted: Oct 05 2015

Whether you are heading to a glamorous pool party, planning a beach vacation or just want to look bronzed all year-round; achieving the perfect sun kissed look is easier than you think. Lindsey Brown gives you the 5 steps to smooth, bronzed skin, so that you can look as beautifully latte brown as your favourite celebrities...  

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  1. Smooth it Out

The first step to strokeably smooth skin is to start a good exfoliating regime. There are all kinds of great exfoliators on the market, from salt based scrubs to products using fruits extracts and brown sugar. With something for everyone, keep yours in the shower for a light scrub, and it will soon become part of your daily routine. Your skin will thank you for it, and quickly become bump free. 

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  1. Loofah 

Alongside your exfoliator, a natural loofah used in the shower is a wonderfully natural way of achieving bump and lump free skin that also rids the skin of dead cells. This can also help with the dreaded cellulite – what’s not to like?! Rinsing off with cold water – yes, we mean cold – will close up all your pores, resulting in  an even tan application.

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  1. Moisturise

It may sound obvious, but while most of us apply both a day and night cream on our faces on a daily basis, our bodies are often sadly neglected for most of the year. Invest in a body cream – it doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art, a good old-fashioned cocoa butter will do the job. Just make sure that you routinely apply after a shower, and you will find that this prevents both patchy fake-tan and peeling skin in the sun. Note: If you are planning on applying fake-tan after your moisturiser, choose a light, oil-free lotion.

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  1. Fake-Tan

With such a lot of fake-tanning products on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. We all have the tried-once-left-us-orange self-tanner at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Here at Lindsey Brown Resortwear, our current favourite is the Make Believe Self Tan Mousse with Bronzer & Argan Oil (£14.99, 125ml). For those looking for a tanning mousse that also puts skincare first, look no further.
This ultra-light velvety mousse has no fake-tan scent, simply a fresh exotic fragrance and has an invaluable guiding bronze tint to ensure that no areas are missed. Infused with botanical oils and extracts including Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A and E; this miracle mousse will nourish and condition your skin as well as helping to reverse environmental damage and ageing.


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Top Tip from our designer Lindsey Brown "When applying any fake tan brands and sun tan lotion is to ensure your mousse or lotion is dry before putting on your Silk Designer Kaftan. Always apply inside in a cool temperature 30 minutes before you go outside to ensure the fake tan  is absorbed fully into the skin to prevent any contact with your stunning Silk Resortwear. We always ensure we wear factor 30 on photoshoots, especially on boats in hot sun..." LB


5 Steps to smooth skin to have fabulous skin whatever your skin tone. to look and feel fabulous wearing a Silk Designer Kaftan

  1. Tell-Tale Signs

Avoid the give away fake-tanning signs by applying your fake-tan with an applicator mitt or latex gloves. Orange palms and stained fingernails are the typical giveaway and practically impossible to hide. So get into the habit of gloves or a mitt and it will soon become an indispensable part of your tanning routine. Afterwards, tanning product onto the back of the hands with cotton wool. Your even and natural looking tan will be the envy of the beach, whether looking hot in one of our Manhattan Designer Kaftan tops at a pool party in Barbados, or shimmering wearing a Silk Resortwear Dress in St Tropez or  a Silk Maxi Kaftan in Marbella.

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Get ready to be a bronzed goddess - whether real or fake - and slip into one of the glamorously luxurious kaftans or silk kaftan tops from Lindsey Brown Resortwear.