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Packing tips for Caribbean holidays

Written by Lindsey Brown


Posted on October 11 2018

On holiday, we spend more time on the beach or sun chasing so it makes sense to pack more designer kaftans than clothes. Lindsey has put together her list of what she packs for a two week holiday in the Caribbean.

Of course like the rest of us, Lindsey has a tendency to over pack so relies on her diary list of ‘what to take’ and ‘what she needs to buy’ especially if it’s a winter sun holiday as shopping for pretty sandals and beach bags needs time and a lot of planning.

“I think the key is outfit planning. I am not a fan of a capsule wardrobe as this can be rather bland so I only pack a capsule wardrobe if I am travelling with hand luggage only. If you are taking a cruise or a long haul holiday, I try to pack great outfits that I want to wear and feel fashionable and slim in…..I like to have 3 key evening looks for two weeks and as I will spend the whole day at the beach or by the pool and then some days head straight to happy hour cocktails, I like to always be beach kaftan ready!" LB

Swimwear – My tip is to try on your swimwear at least a month before you go so you won’t be surprised on the beach. When you have made your choice , work out what colour  and style of Lindsey brown designer Resortwear you need to match. I always like to freshen up my swimwear and wash it before I pack it, then fold the bikinis in on themselves and stuff with underwear to help keep their shape. If like me you are working right up until your holiday, I create an ongoing list, as otherwise I tend to forget how many pairs of seam free briefs or bikinis I have packed its either none or far too many.

For a day at the beach - my go to items are my Sorrento designer kaftans, in all the colours but the black and lavender is my favourite. I can put this on for breakfast and then walk to the beach. My beach bag is  my hotel room for the day with my iPad, iPhone charger to be accessible for work,  suntan lotion, sunglasses, a beach towel, beach flip flops, skin wipes, a change of designer kaftan rolled up in case we are heading for beach to bar cocktails for happy hour.  I also pack in a small some matching Lindsey brown bangles and earrings.

Packing Tips for a Caribbean Holiday by Lindsey Brown Designer of luxury resort wear

For a day of sightseeing - I do love a jumpsuit like the Santa Rosa or a strapless dress style of Cannes. These cotton resort wear items make you suitably dressed as remember on holiday, the locals are going about their daily work and you will also feel the part, dressed in a pretty luxury resort wear, if you stop off at a fancy hotel for brunch of afternoon tea. I take my beach bag and add in a change of shoes, suntan lotion and a make-up bag ready to freshen up if staying out all day, so i pack and dress for the unexpected.

For evenings – I pack my favourite Lindsey brown resort wear dress, the Maldives dress. I designed this style of drop waited dress as it suits my body shape and I find the cool draped shape is flattering and cool to wear in hot tropical Caribbean heat. Remember to pack a skin tone moulded bra and half-slip and you can wear this dress easily anywhere. In fact this dress appears in every holiday photo for the last few years.  For a relaxed evening  for dinner or drinks I like to wear a cold shoulder top like San Marino, this can be worn in so many ways, with shorts and sandals, add a heel sandal or add skinny jeans in white or black. I can wear the same pants with my black Manhattan kaftan top. The metallic detail on black adds a warm holiday vibe and can be dressed up with metallic bangles sunglasses and a metallic clutch bag.

What to pack for a Caribbean Holiday. What to wear on a Caribbean Cruise by lindseybrown

What I am packing for my two week holiday  in the Caribbean

4 -6 bikinis & swimsuits in different colours,  my favourites are cobalt  blue, aqua, orange, coral and white

2 x Kaftans – I have Sorrento in black lavender and Aqua

1 x Silk Kaftan Top. – I have Manhattan kaftan tops in all colours and  pack the Black Manhattan as they can be worn with trousers.

2 x Lindsey Brown Beach Dresses – I wear Paloma as a daytime beach dress and I find this is an easy dress to wear  out to breakfast and shopping as its non see through.

2 x Daytime Dresses for sightseeing such as Atheni strapless dress and Tenerife in cool cotton.

2 x Dresses for Evening - to wear for dinner, I pack my Maldives I love this dress as it is light and cool if its humid. 

1 x  Blazer – I have a light weight pale pink lace blazer that I always pack in case I am bitten by insects , it’s light to wear and light to pack  but to honest this is a just in case item. I also take a Lindsey Brown kimono top. a fashionable take on a jacket or cardigan , it covers the arms and good in case its a little chilly. 

1x Black jumpsuit for travelling such as our cotton jumpsuit Santa Fe

1 x Off the shoulder top, my favourite is San Marino, I wear this all year round

1-3 vests tops – these are so light weight you can roll up.  1 black, 1 white and 1 cobalt blue.

1 x Pair skinny black trousers . I prefer a skinny leg occasionally in the evening, especially if walking around water or grassy areas to prevent mosquito bites.

1 x Pair of black shorts

Flip Flops – I confess I match every pair with the colour of my designer kaftan

2 x Metallic Flats – prettier leather sandals with a leather sole for comfort in gold and rose gold.

2 x Metallic block heel strappy sandals – I find these more comfortable to wear in unlit areas, I take a metallic pair that can work with anything and a coloured pair to brighten up any outfit.


1 x Beach Bag

3 x Clutch bags – this may sound excessive but if they fold flat they don’t take up too much room, I pack too many but I always have a black, gold and rose gold as they go with anything

2- 3 pairs of sunglasses.

A Handheld Steamer – I don’t trust hotel irons on my beautiful silks, so I pack a hand steamer. Always check the voltage  of your destination before you travel as it may be worth buying a US version for Caribbean. You can buy these online and are light to pack. 

Remember your Underwear – If like me, you wear your silk kaftans as outerwear, then the right underwear if essential. Pack more briefs than you need and calculate bras per outfit. I always take a Black bra, 2 x Skin tone bras, 2 x skin tone strapless bras, 1 x black strapless bra, control slip, skin tone half-slip. I don't use travel wash and whilst its tempting to use hotel shower gel, I pack non bio washing liquid for my swimwear and to wash out any of my kaftans and silks in case they need refreshing whilst I am away. 

What to Travel with  - for long haul holidays, I carry my beach bag as hand luggage, its useful for last minute airport shopping and to have at your feet on the plane. I wear sunglasses on my head so I have these ready when we land and pack sandals too,  to change into for landing.

All in all I pack 9 – 12 pieces from my own resort wear collection but as they are light weight and so versatile I do wear all of them. My 20kg case is easily filled up with toiletries, suntan lotions and shoes.

I‘ll guarantee that people will ask you where you bought your Lindsey Brown luxury resort wear dresses or designer kaftans from so embrace the compliments.

If you are still unsure what to buy ? the good things is we know a lot about designer cover-ups and we have a great selection of luxury resort wear for you to pack. If you are planning your next holiday and need help choosing the best outfits, please email orders@lindseybrown.com or call +44116 2414627 and we’ll be more than happy to help you decide.