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Designer resortwear inspired by the Indian Ocean

Written by Vanessa Brown


Posted on February 28 2018

Luxury Resort wear designer Lindsey Brown drew inspiration for her exclusive, hand-painted silk collection from the vibrant and compelling blue and violet hues of the Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean Inspiration

When sunlight hits the water in the Indian Ocean most of the rainbow of colours are absorbed by the water molecules - but near the coast, the shorter wavelengths of blues and violets are reflected and scattered which creates the vibrant colour palette that is so enticing to those travelling to an Indian Ocean resort. The feathery delicate mix of blue, aqua and lavender in our exclusive hand-printed silks immediately transports you to the glamour of a luxury Indian Ocean resort.

Lindsey Brown’s Maldives and Mauritius Resort wear pieces are exclusive works or art as each takes six days to make from start to finish. First, the fabric is graduated dip dyed and tie dyed. Once washed, it is then hand tie dyed and dipped to create the delicate honey brown feather effect. Once the pattern is carefully graded and cut for each size the embroidery outlines of bunches of grapes and the finishing touches of sequins and beading around the neckline are all sewn by hand to create a stunning garment.

Denise Van Outen wearing Maldives Kaftan on holiday in Dubai

Maldives Mini Dress, stunning V-Neck as worn by Denise Van Outen on holiday in Dubai

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